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regann ([personal profile] regann) wrote2013-01-30 12:06 pm


1.My mom is in the hospital. She has been since yesterday but it took them, like, 11 hours to get her admitted into a room from the emergency room. I am so tired and I had to miss 1.5 days of work which I haven't done since I started. I'm going to be so behind.

2. They had to demolish my house to get my mom out. Doors, door jambs, molding, all ripped out. Plaster cracked everywhere. My new carpet, completely ruined. I wanted to cry when I got home last night.

3. As one would expect, this messed up a lot of my Imbolc plans for this weekend. This makes me sad, too.

4. It's been one of those weeks that just needs to die in a fire. Hopefully, it will get better soon.

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