regann: (Victoria Winters)
regann ([personal profile] regann) wrote2013-02-02 02:08 pm

And more things...

Thanks everyone for their kind words on my last post. My mom has been in and out of ICU since that post and it looks like she'll be coming home on Monday. The doctors want her to go to rehab but she refuses, so I have no idea if I'll actually be able to take care of her when she gets home. It's just such a mess but hopefully I'll know more after I go up there today.

Yesterday was the 10-year anniversary since I posted the first chapter of Heart over Mind, my Harry Potter fic. It took me four years to finish and is 180,000 words long. That fic is definitely the most popular thing I have ever written and also the one that has garnered me the most critical feedback over the years. And it still probably gets more comments/likes a week that all of my other not-new fic combined. I'm glad to say that I am still in contact with several of the amazing people I met by writing it and I feel very thankful for the friends I made through it. I think writing that fic and doing it in that fandom is a very singular experience, never to be repeated or reproduced, no matter how long I stay around.

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