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regann ([personal profile] regann) wrote2013-03-27 05:12 pm

In a word? AWESOME

I know I've mostly been doom and gloom for...months...but here's something that is totally not doom and gloom --

I went to the Mad Monster Party this weekend, which is a local horror movie convention, and I got to meet Bruce Campbell! :D

I also stood in line for, oh, three hours to do so but it was worth it!

Saturday at the con might've just been called "Bruce Campbell Day" because...Bruce Campbell. My sister and I, sadly, arrived too late to sign up for the photo op with him, but we had pre-bought our autograph tickets, so we weren't leaving without them. But first up was his Q&A, which was hilarious, as one might expect since it was Mr. Campbell riffing on questions from the audience for an hour. Then we got in line at 3:15 for the signing that started at 4pm and...we were already behind hundreds of people. It was seriously brutal. XD

After our epic journey of the line during which we bonded with fellow line-waiters John and Jason and the girl in the three-inch ball-busting heels, we got our a few seconds of face time with Mr. Campbell. It was quick, as one would expect when he had three hours to sign over five hundred autographs, but he was friendly and personable for those few seconds. When I went up there, I had a glossy of him from Brisco County, Jr. and he remarked on how he saw a few of them every so often mixed in with the other stuff. I told him I went with Brisco because I couldn't find anything from Jack of All Trades which happens to be my favorite Bruce Campbell production. He laughed and thanked me and called me a doll, then handed me back my glossy. My sister was up next and he asked her about liking JoaT, too, because she had hollered out "Whoo Hoo! Jack of all Trades!" when I mentioned it. He talked to my sister for a few, laughing about her name (Ashe) before she, too, was sent on her way.

I had one other encounter with Mr. Campbell when I first arrived, which was also awesome. My sister was paying the nice handler so she could get Danny Glover's autograph (Ashe had already broke protocol by running over to hug him before paying because that's how we roll) and I was just standing there as Bruce Campbell walked up in his swanky suit to introduce himself to Danny Glover and shake his hand. Misters Campbell and Glover started posing for a few pics for their agents at which point I whipped out my phone and started snapping madly because, hello, I now have a pic of Danny Glover and Bruce Campbell being awesome in the same place. Plus, it was a free photo, ahahaha.

Me and my sister also met: Lea Thompson, Gary Busey and Jake the Snake Roberts. We also got our photo took in the time-traveling DeLorean and the proceeds went to Parkinson's research in MJF's name. :)

So that was a great weekend and I didn't even include my Friday night at the Psychic Fair. The only downside is that I kind of had a "fun" hangover on Sunday from being so busy on Friday and Saturday. What a problem to have, amirite?!

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