regann: (Quistis [ragged edges])
regann ([personal profile] regann) wrote2013-04-15 05:06 pm

My brain is taking April off again this year

I am one scene from being finished with Find It in Our Hearts. Thank fuck. I will be so glad when I'm done and we never have to speak of it again with it. I plan on sticking a fork in it before the end of the week.

I have been doing very little writing, much like last April. Apparently, my MO is to burn myself out in the winter, have a dozen writing-related breakdowns and then have my brain refuse to think of anything for the entire 30 days of April. Okay, then.

Instead of writing, I have been replaying Final Fantasy VIII. God, I love this game so much it is not even funny. But something strange happened this time around because I noticed something weird. I AM SUDDENLY SHIPPING NEW SHIPS.

Like, wtf? I first played this game twelve years ago. Why am I suddenly wanting to ship entirely new people?! I don't even get it, really. But alas. And my new ship (?!) is like completely nonexistent. No one shipped it ever. But...apparently me. XD

Other than that, I have been playing Triple Triad which I never did before. I suck at games like that, so I never bothered. Now, I've got almost a full deck of Level 1-7 cards and I'm two cards into the Card Queen Quest. (I have the Kiros and Irvine cards, bwahahaha.) I got a lot of nice items early from playing a lot of cards before I left B-Garden for Timber, lol. Mighty Guard on Disc 1? Yes, plz!

The weather has been really nice for the last week or so; I LOVE IT. I used to think of myself as someone who preferred the winter to other months but I've really gotten where I love spring.

Hopefully, I will be more intelligent come May!

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