regann: (Peter/Viki [so little time])
regann ([personal profile] regann) wrote2013-04-27 02:59 pm

rainy day blues

The weather is blah and rainy today but I've spent most of it at the library using the internet. Oh, internet, I love you! <3

I finished another one of my languishing WIPs from 2012 -- this is a one-shot Steve/Bucky fic based on the Captain America movie, about 18,800 words. I was working on it when I first got into TW, so I left it almost done, but I finally went back and finished it after I was done with my TW fic. Not sure if I'm going to post it but it's nice to have another thing finished. Almost nothing I wrote in 2012 was completed in a timely fashion and it's been a bit disheartening, on top of writing in general being disheartening.

SOMEHOW, I HAVE BEEN TALKED INTO WRITING XMFC FIC AGAIN. Not sure how that happened but yes. Considering this fandom drove me crazy in 2011-2012, I'm not sure if this is the best idea I've ever had, but it's okay so far. I really need to shake the last of my clairefic angst, though.

I have so many ideas (TW, mainly, but others too) but I'm scared to write them for various reasons which, boo. I'm hoping with [community profile] finalfantasyland starting back, I'll be motivated to work on some of my FF stuff.

My mom is still in rehab, but they moved her to a facility closer to me. I went to see her last night. She's okay doing, but I think we'll all be happier once she is home. Plus, I had to take my TV to her at the rehab. Now I need to learn to do without it or go buy myself a new 20" for my bedroom. Decisions, decisions.