regann: (Cass Elliot)
regann ([personal profile] regann) wrote2013-05-12 02:56 pm

here are some things

Happy Mother's Day to any and all moms among my friends. I just got home from visiting my mom at the rehab. Whoo.

I did finally work up the nerve to publish that Steve/Bucky fic I recently finished. So, go me!

I'm also signed up for the Marvel Big Bang over on LJ. Me and [personal profile] pookaseraph have signed up together because we're writing a COLLABORATION. I have never written with someone else, outside of RP, so it's interesting so far. Our fic is actually a XMFC/Captain America crossover and, what the hell, I'm writing XMFC again. I was pretty sure I was never going to do that ever again and look at me.

My boss is currently driving me crazy because the team planning committee I'm on has offended her deeply by sponsoring a donation drive for a summer food program that will feed less fortunate kids during the summer. But because the soup kitchen is a religiously (Christian) affiliated non-profit, she feels this is INAPPROPRIATE and is highly AGHAST at this turn of events. Now, I get not wanting to support religious stuff but, come on, one-fifth of our department are Christian chaplains! We have to swear to God when we take our oath of service for our jobs! Since she is Jewish, I know her main objection is to the Christian/Jesus aspect but this is a program that FEEDS POOR CHILDREN. No one expected it to be this big a deal. In fact, the other members of my committee were basically like, "what kind of cold bitch objects to helping feed kids?" which made me LAWL, no lie. Plus, considering that I am PAGAN, I really need her to STFU about it. Thankfully, it's over on Friday, so hopefully she'll keep the rest of her objections to herself between now and then.

I should be in a much better mood on this time next week, since I will be less than a week away from lots of beautiful days off. WHOOOOO.

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