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regann ([personal profile] regann) wrote2013-06-23 03:53 pm

I need a Bucky Barnes icon...

So, ConCarolinas was fun and so was HeroesCon (comic book thing) and it was amazing to get to hang out with PookaSeraph IRL. So yeiiiii. Mostly I left HeroesCon frustrated by how hard comics seem to be to start reading? It's byzantine, man.

Pooka has been trying to explain and mostly she just shoved me in the direction of Brub's Death of Captain America stuff so I could wallow in my feelings about Bucky Barnes. Because I have a lot, okay? I'm dying for the next Cap movie here. I now have a ton more comics I'm waiting for from my library (being poor and mostly against illegal downloading, this is my preferred route of readings) so I can continue basking in my love for Bucky. Movie!Bucky and Comics!Bucky are very different but I love them both.

Writing-wise, I'm mostly working on my Marvel BB fic with PookaSeraph. It's a Captain America/XMFC crossover, full of Charles. I have a lot of Charles feels, too.

I'm not currently keeping up with anything that's not Arrow. I'm sort of grasping for a fun writing project to work on. If people want to throw things at me, I'd be glad to see if anything sticks. I won't lie, a lot of what I write comes from bouncing off ideas with PookaSeraph until something grabs me.

ALA starts next week. That means no boss for at least for days. PARTY IN THE LIBRARY! ;)

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