regann: (Echidna [Disappointment])
regann ([personal profile] regann) wrote2013-08-10 11:45 am

delayed reactions

One day, I'll post happy stuff here. Today is not that day.

My maternal grandmother died a few weeks ago. I was very close to her (though not as much I should've been in the last several years) but she lived with me or next door to me from toddler-hood through college-age. I don't think I've probably dealt with it yet because I mostly don't think about it. Then, to add insult to injury, ten of us got food poisoning from something we ate at the dinner after the service. I missed a week of work because of it, so now I'm seriously stressed about getting caught up.

My mom is still in the facility but, on a better note, she's getting used to the wheelchair they have her in and she's getting out of her room. She's actually set to go on a field trip next week to the Dollar Store -- my mother hasn't been inside a store in almost ten years. I hope this is a positive motivator for her. She hopes to be home by Christmas with increased mobility.

I had to drop out of the two big bangs I had signed up for. I hate to feel like a failure but there you go. My writing is pretty much a mess right now but I'm trying to work through it. I signed up for trope bingo and got a bloody awful card, LOL. I keep begging my friends to help me figure out how to get a bingo with it. We'll see.

Well that was depressing. XD

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