regann: (Rainbow Brite [Yay!])
regann ([personal profile] regann) wrote2013-09-13 03:23 pm

oops, I meant to title this but I was distracted by a cute baby

I got off work early this afternoon because of an event thing we had at work and I also came home to a letter saying that I was getting a raise due to the government deciding to bring our pay up to the new market values for our positions. So that sounds like a good start to the weekend, yeah?

I love September and October since it's festival time around these parts. Art festivals, the Renaissance Festival, historical festivals -- so much happening in the next several weekends. Hopefully I will be able to take advantage. I think I might reconstruct an old costume to wear to the RenFest this year since I've never dressed up when I've went. My sister always does.

I decided to take October 31st and November 1st off this year, so hopefully my friends can be counted on to be doing fun stuff. Not that it won't be fun just to chill at home, either.

I'm trying to focus on the positive things but I'm still really down about the direction of my writerly-ness. My friends have suggested that I just stop because I'm so up/down crazy when I write these days. Currently, I'm adhering to that advice, so we'll see how that works. More times for comics and TV, I guess.

Speaking of: I'm currently finishing up Person of Interest and I'm really enjoying it.

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