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regann ([personal profile] regann) wrote2013-11-30 12:31 pm

Trek Holiday

It's thanksgiving weekend. The only thing special I'm doing is a marathon of Trek movies. I've watched The Motion Picture, Wrath of Khan and Search for Spock; next up is Generations and then STID, probably. (Mainly because these are the ones I own, haha.) I will be crying like a bitch and mad at the world after Generations, like I always am when I watch it.

I'm also working on holiday cards, as always. If you'd like one, send me a private message on DW or LJ with your address. I love sending cards! Especially since I bought a ton on sale last year at Hallmark.

As one may guess, I finally saw STID which I had put off because I was really, really pissed about the Khan thing. I still am, actually, even more now that it was obvious that BC didn't even need to be Khan for the plot to happen. They whitewashed the character for no reason, argh. And then on the other side, the entire movie is apparently about Jim trying to make Spock understand that he loves him which is slashy as fuck, oh my goodness. I'm very conflicted because that's what I wanted (kirk+spock feels) but they went about it horribly and (the ploooot) all of the camaraderie between the characters (namely Kirk+Uhura and Kirk+Spock) feels completely unearned because it all happened off-screen and is a one-eighty from how the last movie ended. IDEK.

This does not mean that I did not cry when Kirk died because I did. Because I am entirely too over-invested in the character of James T. Kirk. ENTIRELY TOO EMOTIONALLY INVESTED IN THIS FICTIONAL CHARACTER. I cry for Jim at the end of Wrath of Khan, too, because his world ends when Spock dies. When Spock tells him to live long and prosper and Jim just says, "no," like, of course not, he won't prosper because Spock is dead, I lose it every time. Oh, feels.

To round out my thanksgiving Trek feels, I'm reading a Shatner-penned Trek novel in which Spock and Jim meet as teenagers and frankly? IT'S FUCKING ADORABLE. They get arrested as teenagers. IN A STRIP CLUB. They are both too smart for their own good, but not smart enough to stop from getting in trouble. So adorbs. I'm only about half-way through it but it's a lot of fun.