regann: ([capriaquarius] more Capricorn)
regann ([personal profile] regann) wrote2013-12-18 05:56 pm

december's greetings

My Christmas present to myself this year is I’m giving myself permission to write the most self-indulgent id fic I have ever wanted to write. I started it on Saturday and so far I've written 14,000 words. It's so much and I love it.

What I have outlined so far should get me to about 20,000 and then time for more brainstorming. I’m super excited because I really love this fic.

Any of y’all who want to read it (I’m not sure if I’ll be posting this id-iest of fic), just hit me up by comment, PM or email. It’s slash and Kirk/Spock…both TOS and nu versions. :)

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