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regann ([personal profile] regann) wrote2014-02-08 11:28 am

titles for random posts are hard to come up with

So, I survived the holidays and the inevitable post-holiday crash of doom. And my six-month review at work. Yay, February!

I'm almost finished with my Kirk/Spock holiday-present-to-myself fic. I'm excited but I'm still not sure if I will post it or not. I posted a one-shot I wrote a few months to AO3 this morning, so we'll see how I deal with that before we make any decisions.

I have developed a massive crush on Richard Armitage thanks to the Hobbit. He is unfairly attractive as Thorin which led me to watching Spooks and BBC's Robin Hood and BBC's North and South and...all the things with him in it. God, he's lovely to look at and that voice.

In turn, this means that I have really gotten into Bagginshield/Thilbo fic. Hopefully people will continue to write BOFA AUs forever to dry my inevitable tears. It's funny that I fell into Hobbit fandom because I didn't really like the LOTR movies when I saw them in the theaters. I'm re-watching them now and I like them a bit more (omg Elijah Wood, you are adorable with your blue eyes and CURLS and emotive little face) and I ship random people I shouldn't. Oops. XD

I finally made a grown-up decision to find myself a primary care doctor which I haven't had in close to ten years. We had an establishment of care appointment yesterday and it went well. She didn't blame everything wrong with me on my weight (which is massive, yes, but supremely stable for 5+ years now) and I'm getting bloodwork and a complete physical next month. We went over all my medical history and she listened to my long, drawn-out speech on why I've finally decided after trying to manage my mental illness on my own for the last 15 years, I finally realized that was dumb and I needed help. From my symptoms, she thinks I might be bi-polar, so she is referring me to a psychiatrist for testing. Hopefully I will continue with this and not get discouraged in the middle and bail, as I have in the past.

And....I'm getting to meet William Shatner in March!! I'm so excited; he is in my top three celebrities that I want to meet before I die (along with Stevie Nicks and Kassie De Paiva). I'm getting a signature and a photo-op, so I have important decisions to make like WHAT DOES ONE WEAR TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED WITH MR. SHATNER? and WHAT DOES ONE HAVE HIM SIGN? Pookaseraph suggested I get a hardcover copy of his ST: Generations Fix-It Fanfic Trek novel, The Return which I love because it fixes Generations, damn it and re-read often.

How's everyone else shaking?

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