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2014-02-08 11:28 am

titles for random posts are hard to come up with

So, I survived the holidays and the inevitable post-holiday crash of doom. And my six-month review at work. Yay, February!

I'm almost finished with my Kirk/Spock holiday-present-to-myself fic. I'm excited but I'm still not sure if I will post it or not. I posted a one-shot I wrote a few months to AO3 this morning, so we'll see how I deal with that before we make any decisions.

I have developed a massive crush on Richard Armitage thanks to the Hobbit. He is unfairly attractive as Thorin which led me to watching Spooks and BBC's Robin Hood and BBC's North and South and...all the things with him in it. God, he's lovely to look at and that voice.

In turn, this means that I have really gotten into Bagginshield/Thilbo fic. Hopefully people will continue to write BOFA AUs forever to dry my inevitable tears. It's funny that I fell into Hobbit fandom because I didn't really like the LOTR movies when I saw them in the theaters. I'm re-watching them now and I like them a bit more (omg Elijah Wood, you are adorable with your blue eyes and CURLS and emotive little face) and I ship random people I shouldn't. Oops. XD

I finally made a grown-up decision to find myself a primary care doctor which I haven't had in close to ten years. We had an establishment of care appointment yesterday and it went well. She didn't blame everything wrong with me on my weight (which is massive, yes, but supremely stable for 5+ years now) and I'm getting bloodwork and a complete physical next month. We went over all my medical history and she listened to my long, drawn-out speech on why I've finally decided after trying to manage my mental illness on my own for the last 15 years, I finally realized that was dumb and I needed help. From my symptoms, she thinks I might be bi-polar, so she is referring me to a psychiatrist for testing. Hopefully I will continue with this and not get discouraged in the middle and bail, as I have in the past.

And....I'm getting to meet William Shatner in March!! I'm so excited; he is in my top three celebrities that I want to meet before I die (along with Stevie Nicks and Kassie De Paiva). I'm getting a signature and a photo-op, so I have important decisions to make like WHAT DOES ONE WEAR TO BE PHOTOGRAPHED WITH MR. SHATNER? and WHAT DOES ONE HAVE HIM SIGN? Pookaseraph suggested I get a hardcover copy of his ST: Generations Fix-It Fanfic Trek novel, The Return which I love because it fixes Generations, damn it and re-read often.

How's everyone else shaking?
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2013-12-18 05:56 pm

december's greetings

My Christmas present to myself this year is I’m giving myself permission to write the most self-indulgent id fic I have ever wanted to write. I started it on Saturday and so far I've written 14,000 words. It's so much and I love it.

What I have outlined so far should get me to about 20,000 and then time for more brainstorming. I’m super excited because I really love this fic.

Any of y’all who want to read it (I’m not sure if I’ll be posting this id-iest of fic), just hit me up by comment, PM or email. It’s slash and Kirk/Spock…both TOS and nu versions. :)
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2013-11-30 12:31 pm

Trek Holiday

It's thanksgiving weekend. The only thing special I'm doing is a marathon of Trek movies. I've watched The Motion Picture, Wrath of Khan and Search for Spock; next up is Generations and then STID, probably. (Mainly because these are the ones I own, haha.) I will be crying like a bitch and mad at the world after Generations, like I always am when I watch it.

I'm also working on holiday cards, as always. If you'd like one, send me a private message on DW or LJ with your address. I love sending cards! Especially since I bought a ton on sale last year at Hallmark.

As one may guess, I finally saw STID which I had put off because I was really, really pissed about the Khan thing. I still am, actually, even more now that it was obvious that BC didn't even need to be Khan for the plot to happen. They whitewashed the character for no reason, argh. And then on the other side, the entire movie is apparently about Jim trying to make Spock understand that he loves him which is slashy as fuck, oh my goodness. I'm very conflicted because that's what I wanted (kirk+spock feels) but they went about it horribly and (the ploooot) all of the camaraderie between the characters (namely Kirk+Uhura and Kirk+Spock) feels completely unearned because it all happened off-screen and is a one-eighty from how the last movie ended. IDEK.

This does not mean that I did not cry when Kirk died because I did. Because I am entirely too over-invested in the character of James T. Kirk. ENTIRELY TOO EMOTIONALLY INVESTED IN THIS FICTIONAL CHARACTER. I cry for Jim at the end of Wrath of Khan, too, because his world ends when Spock dies. When Spock tells him to live long and prosper and Jim just says, "no," like, of course not, he won't prosper because Spock is dead, I lose it every time. Oh, feels.

To round out my thanksgiving Trek feels, I'm reading a Shatner-penned Trek novel in which Spock and Jim meet as teenagers and frankly? IT'S FUCKING ADORABLE. They get arrested as teenagers. IN A STRIP CLUB. They are both too smart for their own good, but not smart enough to stop from getting in trouble. So adorbs. I'm only about half-way through it but it's a lot of fun.
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2013-10-05 11:35 am


It's that time of year, where I'm basically distracted from everything else by new and returning TV. Here's a rundown of what I've watched:

- Sleepy Hollow
- BlackList
- Person of Interest
- Agents of SHIELD
- Revenge
- Once Upon a Time
- Elementary

Returning TV shows:

REVENGE has started strong after a messy second season; I'm really excited for what's to come. I think OUAT will be served well by the split 11/11 mini-seasons and Neverland so far is weird, cracky fun. Hook! Love him. PERSON OF INTEREST is returning but new-to-me; I really enjoy Shaw as a series regular. Root? Not so much.

ELEMENTARY CONTINUES TO BE AMAZING. By far the better Sherlock adaptation in terms of character arcs, and you're talking to one of the original dissenters of CBS trying to do their own version of Sherlock BBC. But the 22 eps a season allowed for the perfect, slow building of the Joan+Sherlock relationship that was sharply lacking in Sherlock BBC and they've continued that into S2, building on the level of trust and intimacy that came out of event S1 finale events. It's just so great. I hope we see Mrs. Hudson again soon.

New Shows:

SLEEPY HOLLOW IS ALSO AMAZING. Amazing for a lot of reasons, including having a great, well-rounded WOC main character who is terrific. It's amazing because the show has so casually included a bunch of interesting POC characters like it ain't no thang and they've got different personalities and opinions. Abbie is wonderful and so is Crane; they have great chemistry together. Despite the cracky premise, they've really made it work so far. I'm so glad it's already been picked up for a second 13-ep season.

The BLACKLIST has a great hook and continued to work it in the second episode. James Spader is just so wonderful that I'd watch him do just about anything but this show is good. Glad it also got picked up for a full season order already.

AGENTS OF really horrible. It's a hot mess that's so bad that it feels insulting. The acting is subpar, the plots are laughable, the writing is cringe-worthy; people who have the good sense not to argue it's good are still screaming "give it time!" to which I say, "I don't think so." If it were just a horribly written show, I could give it time maybe, but just barely under the surface, it's yet another piece of the MCU-verse that's whitey-white and it indulges in some horrible racist tropes and that's just in the first two episodes. Given the wider implications with the announcement of the new casting for Avengers 2 (so much whitewashing), I am tired of giving MCU a pass on its fucked-up racial shit. Joss Whedon has had ample chances to add people of color to MCU and he has chosen not to EVERY TIME. And that's not acceptable.

Still to come...Arrow (Season 2) and Almost Human (premiere). I'm very excited for both of these!
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2013-09-13 03:23 pm

oops, I meant to title this but I was distracted by a cute baby

I got off work early this afternoon because of an event thing we had at work and I also came home to a letter saying that I was getting a raise due to the government deciding to bring our pay up to the new market values for our positions. So that sounds like a good start to the weekend, yeah?

I love September and October since it's festival time around these parts. Art festivals, the Renaissance Festival, historical festivals -- so much happening in the next several weekends. Hopefully I will be able to take advantage. I think I might reconstruct an old costume to wear to the RenFest this year since I've never dressed up when I've went. My sister always does.

I decided to take October 31st and November 1st off this year, so hopefully my friends can be counted on to be doing fun stuff. Not that it won't be fun just to chill at home, either.

I'm trying to focus on the positive things but I'm still really down about the direction of my writerly-ness. My friends have suggested that I just stop because I'm so up/down crazy when I write these days. Currently, I'm adhering to that advice, so we'll see how that works. More times for comics and TV, I guess.

Speaking of: I'm currently finishing up Person of Interest and I'm really enjoying it.
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2013-08-10 11:45 am

delayed reactions

One day, I'll post happy stuff here. Today is not that day.

My maternal grandmother died a few weeks ago. I was very close to her (though not as much I should've been in the last several years) but she lived with me or next door to me from toddler-hood through college-age. I don't think I've probably dealt with it yet because I mostly don't think about it. Then, to add insult to injury, ten of us got food poisoning from something we ate at the dinner after the service. I missed a week of work because of it, so now I'm seriously stressed about getting caught up.

My mom is still in the facility but, on a better note, she's getting used to the wheelchair they have her in and she's getting out of her room. She's actually set to go on a field trip next week to the Dollar Store -- my mother hasn't been inside a store in almost ten years. I hope this is a positive motivator for her. She hopes to be home by Christmas with increased mobility.

I had to drop out of the two big bangs I had signed up for. I hate to feel like a failure but there you go. My writing is pretty much a mess right now but I'm trying to work through it. I signed up for trope bingo and got a bloody awful card, LOL. I keep begging my friends to help me figure out how to get a bingo with it. We'll see.

Well that was depressing. XD
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2013-06-23 03:53 pm

I need a Bucky Barnes icon...

So, ConCarolinas was fun and so was HeroesCon (comic book thing) and it was amazing to get to hang out with PookaSeraph IRL. So yeiiiii. Mostly I left HeroesCon frustrated by how hard comics seem to be to start reading? It's byzantine, man.

Pooka has been trying to explain and mostly she just shoved me in the direction of Brub's Death of Captain America stuff so I could wallow in my feelings about Bucky Barnes. Because I have a lot, okay? I'm dying for the next Cap movie here. I now have a ton more comics I'm waiting for from my library (being poor and mostly against illegal downloading, this is my preferred route of readings) so I can continue basking in my love for Bucky. Movie!Bucky and Comics!Bucky are very different but I love them both.

Writing-wise, I'm mostly working on my Marvel BB fic with PookaSeraph. It's a Captain America/XMFC crossover, full of Charles. I have a lot of Charles feels, too.

I'm not currently keeping up with anything that's not Arrow. I'm sort of grasping for a fun writing project to work on. If people want to throw things at me, I'd be glad to see if anything sticks. I won't lie, a lot of what I write comes from bouncing off ideas with PookaSeraph until something grabs me.

ALA starts next week. That means no boss for at least for days. PARTY IN THE LIBRARY! ;)
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2013-05-31 06:13 pm

Con time!

SO I am currently sitting in the Hilton where I will be for the remainder of the weekend for ConCarolinas 2013. I come to this thing every year and it's a lot of fun, but mostly I like pretending to be fancy by staying at a hotel. In the first years I attended, I spent a lot of time at the writing panels, but now I tend to drift between a few of them and a lot more of the science-oriented panels.

I did two panels this afternoon and now I'm waiting on room service, LOL. I might actually call it a night early because I did get up at 5AM to go to work and then I drove about 70 miles before I landed here. Plus, there's about six hours straight of panels I want to hit tomorrow so I need to be rested up!
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2013-05-12 02:56 pm

here are some things

Happy Mother's Day to any and all moms among my friends. I just got home from visiting my mom at the rehab. Whoo.

I did finally work up the nerve to publish that Steve/Bucky fic I recently finished. So, go me!

I'm also signed up for the Marvel Big Bang over on LJ. Me and [personal profile] pookaseraph have signed up together because we're writing a COLLABORATION. I have never written with someone else, outside of RP, so it's interesting so far. Our fic is actually a XMFC/Captain America crossover and, what the hell, I'm writing XMFC again. I was pretty sure I was never going to do that ever again and look at me.

My boss is currently driving me crazy because the team planning committee I'm on has offended her deeply by sponsoring a donation drive for a summer food program that will feed less fortunate kids during the summer. But because the soup kitchen is a religiously (Christian) affiliated non-profit, she feels this is INAPPROPRIATE and is highly AGHAST at this turn of events. Now, I get not wanting to support religious stuff but, come on, one-fifth of our department are Christian chaplains! We have to swear to God when we take our oath of service for our jobs! Since she is Jewish, I know her main objection is to the Christian/Jesus aspect but this is a program that FEEDS POOR CHILDREN. No one expected it to be this big a deal. In fact, the other members of my committee were basically like, "what kind of cold bitch objects to helping feed kids?" which made me LAWL, no lie. Plus, considering that I am PAGAN, I really need her to STFU about it. Thankfully, it's over on Friday, so hopefully she'll keep the rest of her objections to herself between now and then.

I should be in a much better mood on this time next week, since I will be less than a week away from lots of beautiful days off. WHOOOOO.
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2013-04-27 02:59 pm

rainy day blues

The weather is blah and rainy today but I've spent most of it at the library using the internet. Oh, internet, I love you! <3

I finished another one of my languishing WIPs from 2012 -- this is a one-shot Steve/Bucky fic based on the Captain America movie, about 18,800 words. I was working on it when I first got into TW, so I left it almost done, but I finally went back and finished it after I was done with my TW fic. Not sure if I'm going to post it but it's nice to have another thing finished. Almost nothing I wrote in 2012 was completed in a timely fashion and it's been a bit disheartening, on top of writing in general being disheartening.

SOMEHOW, I HAVE BEEN TALKED INTO WRITING XMFC FIC AGAIN. Not sure how that happened but yes. Considering this fandom drove me crazy in 2011-2012, I'm not sure if this is the best idea I've ever had, but it's okay so far. I really need to shake the last of my clairefic angst, though.

I have so many ideas (TW, mainly, but others too) but I'm scared to write them for various reasons which, boo. I'm hoping with [community profile] finalfantasyland starting back, I'll be motivated to work on some of my FF stuff.

My mom is still in rehab, but they moved her to a facility closer to me. I went to see her last night. She's okay doing, but I think we'll all be happier once she is home. Plus, I had to take my TV to her at the rehab. Now I need to learn to do without it or go buy myself a new 20" for my bedroom. Decisions, decisions.
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2013-04-16 05:25 pm

Find It in Our Hearts - Now Complete

I'm all done, guys!

Find It In Our Hearts is now complete @ 103,800~ words, available (for now) on AO3. (Teen Wolf, Sterek, kidfic)

It's second longest thing I've ever written.

I could cry I'm so freaking happy to be done!
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2013-04-15 05:06 pm

My brain is taking April off again this year

I am one scene from being finished with Find It in Our Hearts. Thank fuck. I will be so glad when I'm done and we never have to speak of it again with it. I plan on sticking a fork in it before the end of the week.

I have been doing very little writing, much like last April. Apparently, my MO is to burn myself out in the winter, have a dozen writing-related breakdowns and then have my brain refuse to think of anything for the entire 30 days of April. Okay, then.

Instead of writing, I have been replaying Final Fantasy VIII. God, I love this game so much it is not even funny. But something strange happened this time around because I noticed something weird. I AM SUDDENLY SHIPPING NEW SHIPS.

Like, wtf? I first played this game twelve years ago. Why am I suddenly wanting to ship entirely new people?! I don't even get it, really. But alas. And my new ship (?!) is like completely nonexistent. No one shipped it ever. But...apparently me. XD

Other than that, I have been playing Triple Triad which I never did before. I suck at games like that, so I never bothered. Now, I've got almost a full deck of Level 1-7 cards and I'm two cards into the Card Queen Quest. (I have the Kiros and Irvine cards, bwahahaha.) I got a lot of nice items early from playing a lot of cards before I left B-Garden for Timber, lol. Mighty Guard on Disc 1? Yes, plz!

The weather has been really nice for the last week or so; I LOVE IT. I used to think of myself as someone who preferred the winter to other months but I've really gotten where I love spring.

Hopefully, I will be more intelligent come May!
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2013-03-27 05:12 pm

In a word? AWESOME

I know I've mostly been doom and gloom for...months...but here's something that is totally not doom and gloom --

I went to the Mad Monster Party this weekend, which is a local horror movie convention, and I got to meet Bruce Campbell! :D

I also stood in line for, oh, three hours to do so but it was worth it!

And here is where I make everyone jealous by recounting my epic day )

Me and my sister also met: Lea Thompson, Gary Busey and Jake the Snake Roberts. We also got our photo took in the time-traveling DeLorean and the proceeds went to Parkinson's research in MJF's name. :)

So that was a great weekend and I didn't even include my Friday night at the Psychic Fair. The only downside is that I kind of had a "fun" hangover on Sunday from being so busy on Friday and Saturday. What a problem to have, amirite?!
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2013-03-13 10:41 pm

quick state o' me

My mom made it home but all my fears about her current state of wellbeing turned out to be true, so it's not exactly an ideal situation.

I'm still up to my ears in paralyzing fic angst. Good times.

I've been spending my time reading Steve/Danno fics. Recs will be met with serious love. ♥
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2013-03-07 09:12 pm

i guess there's an up side?

My mom didn't even get in the house before we ended up on our way back to the ER, where I'm sitting now.

I hope and pray that not all nursing facilities are as horrible as the one we've been subjected to.

But, hey, at least I don't have much energy to angst about fic stuff, right?!

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2013-03-06 06:01 pm

hopefully back to normal soon

Thanks to everyone who has commented about my mom. If all goes well, she should be coming home tomorrow, hopefully strong enough to resume the small mobility she had before she went into the hospital a month ago. I can only hope -- and I've been using that word, a lot, haven't I -- that things will be back to normal then.

In other news, I have all-day Excel training on Friday. Which is...probably going to be boring but hopefully it will be helpful as well.
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2013-02-10 07:59 pm

Living in Limbo

My mom still isn't home and there's no word on when that will be exactly. She said the doctor told her 8 to 10 days but I think that was them trying to keep her spirits up because they were way more vague with me.

The doctors can't find a rehab for her but they don't think she's safe enough for home care, so she's in this limbo where she's still at the hospital even though her original illnesses have cleared up. I wish we had a better idea of the timeline but it's not forthcoming. I am...very tired of limbo.

In other news, I used her absence to clean out a bunch of things that she had been holding onto as part of her pack-rat nature. We've cleaned out the extra/junk room that used to be my mom's master bedroom before she got sick, so it looks like I'll be able to claim half of it (she refuses to let go of the chest and dresser than belonged to her dad) as an office/entertainment area. Once the bed is gone that I'm giving to my sister, I should have enough room for a desk and some shelves which will be completely boss. I miss having a desk and little space for all my office stuff. I'm actually pretty excited about it.

And, finally, I finally got the PS Vita I had been planning on since last month. I'm currently at my sister's house downloading FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX and Legend of Mana onto it. Which means that I will do anything else ever again but raise monster pets, make weapons and magical instruments and grow fruit in my orchards, lol. I love that game so much. <3
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2013-02-02 02:08 pm

And more things...

Thanks everyone for their kind words on my last post. My mom has been in and out of ICU since that post and it looks like she'll be coming home on Monday. The doctors want her to go to rehab but she refuses, so I have no idea if I'll actually be able to take care of her when she gets home. It's just such a mess but hopefully I'll know more after I go up there today.

Yesterday was the 10-year anniversary since I posted the first chapter of Heart over Mind, my Harry Potter fic. It took me four years to finish and is 180,000 words long. That fic is definitely the most popular thing I have ever written and also the one that has garnered me the most critical feedback over the years. And it still probably gets more comments/likes a week that all of my other not-new fic combined. I'm glad to say that I am still in contact with several of the amazing people I met by writing it and I feel very thankful for the friends I made through it. I think writing that fic and doing it in that fandom is a very singular experience, never to be repeated or reproduced, no matter how long I stay around.
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2013-01-30 12:06 pm


1.My mom is in the hospital. She has been since yesterday but it took them, like, 11 hours to get her admitted into a room from the emergency room. I am so tired and I had to miss 1.5 days of work which I haven't done since I started. I'm going to be so behind.

2. They had to demolish my house to get my mom out. Doors, door jambs, molding, all ripped out. Plaster cracked everywhere. My new carpet, completely ruined. I wanted to cry when I got home last night.

3. As one would expect, this messed up a lot of my Imbolc plans for this weekend. This makes me sad, too.

4. It's been one of those weeks that just needs to die in a fire. Hopefully, it will get better soon.