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So, my weekend. It had ups, it had downs, it had movies. Also, it was really hot. Welcome to summer in the South, where the heat index is above 100°! Blergh.

Given the weather and the fact that I've been nursing another cold/sinus infection, I spent most of my weekend at home watching DVDs. Yay, Netflix.

First movie: The Eagle. I've been wanting to see this since it was out in theaters but I missed my chance. Finally, it was available via Netflix. I agree with most of the reviews I read for it -- it was a little slow-moving but interesting. Definitely glad I watched. The beginning was a little too bloody for me, but that's what the FF button is for. Epic bromance was epic, too. On a shallow level, Channing Tatum makes a good-looking Roman soldier and Jaime Bell makes a fine Briton slave. Now I can start reading Marcus/Esca fic. Oh, yeah.

Second movie: Penelope. James McAvoy, why are you so adorable? Because he totally is. I really liked this movie where Penelope was born with the nose of a pig and spends many years of her life looking for a prince to break the curse that caused it. It's got that Ever After, girl-power, fairy-tale-with-a-twist vibe to it. Also, James McAvoy is gorgeous. I mentioned that, yes?

Third movie: X-Men: First Class (again). Three out of three people who saw it with me agreed that the film is slashy as hell, that the early Michael Fassbender stuff (aka Eric Lensherr, Nazi killer) is the best part of the first hour, and that our stars are clearly too hot for their own good. Two out of three also want to see the Hugh Jackman movie Real Steel that was previewed before the film, while one of three thinks it looks like the stupidest thing she's ever seen.

I left this latest viewing with a new appreciation of the film's score, especially in the early Erik scenes. It's pretty amazing, especially the way they thread through it what is clearly Erik's theme. Also, I left with Gnarls Barkley's Run stuck in my head. It was an inspired choice for one of the montages, even without the lyrics. I find myself singing them though. Hurry little children / Run this way / I have got a beast at bay~

Lines that made me LOL this time: What an adorable lab rat you make, Charles / Don't ruin this for me, Erik / I've been a lab rat. I know one when I see one. (...or something like that...)

Given my netflix queue, my movie choices are going to be McFassy-driven for the foreseeable future. I think The Centurion might be up next. Yay, more movies about the ancient Romans in Britain!


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