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For all but Mannequin, I felt very confident in posting them that I was sharing good movies with you all. Why? Well, because you just get the feeling that if a movie is still being shown 70 years later, that it has to have some kind of intrinsic label of 'good' attached to it. That external validation that these films have survived for so long gave me the confidence to think I was sharing superior films.

But now? Now we reach the 1990s.

I was born in 1981. This means that I was a teenager throughout the 1990s, which means that all the movies I share from this post onward in RomCom Countdown will be movies I saw either in theaters or in their first run on TV/VHS/DVD -- I have no validation other than my own opinion that these are good films. That is scary! Maybe my taste is crap; sometimes, judging by the fanfiction I choose to read, I tend to agree with this assessment.

And, hello, the last film I saw in theaters was Season of the Witch. Let's be frank: my judgment is suspect on that alone.

Despite all that, I feel very protective of the two films I'm going to share today. I have loved them for over a decade. They are the films that made me say, "I like romcoms!" to begin with. And, for better or worse, they are still the movies by which I judge all other romcoms. They are my personal 'golden age of romantic comedies' and if modern Hollywood could return to making romcoms like these, I would go see them every freaking time.

With all that build-up and expectation, here is where I might let y'all down by admitting what these two films are. They are 1994's Only You and 1995's French Kiss.

And here we go! )

Tomorrow…teen-Regann's tastes get snarkier and much more judgment-impaired. But it's still the 90s, so it all makes sense!


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