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regann: Image of One Life to Live's Todd and Blair kissing in a church after their second wedding in 1995. (Todd/Blair [this time it's real])

I CAN'T EVEN. It's hard to remember when you're watching old YT clips that were made from transfers from VHS tapes people dubbed in the 1990s JUST HOW GORGEOUS THIS MAN WAS.

Roger Howarth, circa 1995, ladies and gents. ALL OF THAT BEAUTIFUL HAIR, ZOMG.

Goddamn, my soap OTP were some gorgeous people back in the day. Not that they aren't gorgeous now. ;)

I'm just going to put this here for everyone to enjoy...
regann: (Todd/Blair [beginning of something])
Title: At Last...
Author: Regann
Fandom: One Life to Live
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I don't own anything; I just play with them. However, I care a lot more about them than their owners do.
Notes/Warnings: No warnings. Set post-finale, pre-Port Charles
Summary: John McBain just wants to forget he ever heard of "Todd Manning," but Blair is making that very difficult for him as long as Todd is still behind bars. Valentine's Day 2012 what-if, set post-finale.

At Last... )


Jan. 23rd, 2012 04:15 pm
regann: Image of One Life to Live's Todd and Blair kissing in a church after their second wedding in 1995. (Todd/Blair [this time it's real])
I don't have anything of import to post, I'm just tired of staring at the last chapter of my last fic whenever I hit my journal, so I'm bumping it down with this nonsensical post.

My birthday was a few weeks ago, an event met with ringing apathy aside from my coworkers. My landlord has finally agreed to fix my crumbling bathroom walls which I am cautiously excited about. The team comes on Thursday but I'm worried about how long it's going to take and if I'm going to have to shower someplace else for a few days. Yes, this is how boring my life is at the moment.

I saw Haywire and Shame this weekend with a friend of mine and I think they are both exactly what they promise on the package. I liked Haywire much more than I did Shame, but I was expecting that.

Friday the 13th was the last day of my soap, One Life to Live. It ended on a cliffhanger in true soap style, but not before my favorite couple (Todd and Blair, forever, people!) confessed their love for each (again) and had a big love scene (again). I kid with the parentheses because the show did a bang-up job with the dialogue of bringing their story full-circle after a 16-year love affair that has seen many highs and lows. The only downside was, of course, they were the ones affected by the cliffhanger as Todd was arrested for the murder of his twin brother seconds before the show was over. On the upside, they are supposed to be showing up on General Hospital next month for a short visit, so hopefully we'll get some closure there.

If you follow my tumblr, you know that this is basically been the focus of my attention for the last two weeks. It's partly because of the finale (SNIFF) and partly because I cannot write and therefore have nothing to do with my time but watch old soap opera clips on YT. I would rather be writing but that is just not happening, it seems. It's too bad I went out on such a low note.

On top of everything else, school is back in and I'm already behind. Why am I doing this again? XD

ETA: My favorite soap actress, Kassie DePaiva, who played Blair on OLTL, tweeted back at me this weekend! It was definitely the highlight, lol. HERE IS MY PROOF:

regann: (Todd/Blair [beginning of something])
Title: this will always be my memory
Author: Regann
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own anything; I just play with them. However, I care a lot more about them than their owners do.
Summary: Blair remembers what it's like to feel like Starr does now. (~260 words)

this will always be my memory

She remembers.

As Blair watches Starr kneel at the hospital’s altar, as she watches her daughter bow her head and struggle to understand the latest hand Fate has dealt her — Cole, shot, maybe dying — Blair can barely hold back her own tears, her entire body shaking not just for her daughter’s pain that she shoulders with her, but from the force of the memories that consume her.

She knows how Starr feels, the grief that might wait around the corner of her; Blair remembers every torturous moment of the months she thought Todd was dead, lost to her forever, a wound that would’ve never healed, not if he hadn’t come back.

Somehow she’s forgotten it until that moment, forgotten those days when she would’ve traded anything to know that he was alive, no matter how much sorrow he might’ve brought with him, how she bowed her own head and thanked god for his return in those months afterward even when things had seemed impossible between them.

Somehow, Blair let herself forget that.

Blair staggers out of the hospital chapel to give Starr a few minutes alone with everything she must be feeling and she cannot stop her own grief, her own tears. She slumps against the wall, still shaking, fighting for control.

And then there are arms around her, warm and tender, echoes of promises in the careful way they hold her, comfort her.


Blair makes her own promises to herself in that moment: she will never let herself forget again.

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Happy 2012, everyone! I know, late as usual. :)

Now that I have emerged on the other side of the doldrums of the holidays, I instantly start feeling better even though January is always a killer month at work. Considering I've been back on the job less than 8 hours and I have about 6 projects due tomorrow, this year won't be much different. Now I'm going to talk about a lot of random things that have no real relation to the other. Enjoy. XD

Marvel Movies
I finally got around to watching Thor and Captain America since [livejournal.com profile] pookaseraph is in a Pre-Avengers movie mood. There were things I liked about both of them and there were things I was meh about in both of them -- in the end, I came away from both of them feeling pretty neutral. I wanted to be excited by both of them and sadly I wasn't. I'm still interested in the Avengers movie because I love the idea of the shared universe coming together but none of the three movies I've seen leading up to it (IM, Thor, Cap) excited me in and of themselves. Honestly, they've felt like homework so I could enjoy the Avengers movie and less like fun on their own, so hopefully that one will be as awesome as I'm hoping. (My lukewarm reaction, however, did not stop me from trolling for fic. Don't judge me.)

(If you want more literal reactions, they were "It was okay. Chris Helmsworth is hot." for Thor and "LOOK, TOMMY LEE JONES IS IN THIS!" for Captain America. I know, guys, I suck.)

All My Dying Soaps
After today, One Life to Live only has 8 episodes left before it goes off the air forever and I am really searching for how I'm going to deal with this. For 15 years, Blair Cramer has been a constant in my life and, after next Friday, I will never be able to check in with her life at 2pm on ABC. No matter how horribly corny it sounds, it is like losing a friend or family member. I've said this a few different times but soap -- at least, good soap -- is what I strive to produce in every fic I write: romance and drama with an emphasis on relationships and character interactions, (melo)dramatic actions and epic UST. There is nothing more perfect to me than a well-executed soap plot and I'm sad that American daytime soaps are dying like they are. There is not a show that's went off the air I will miss like I'll miss One Life to Live. I'm not ashamed to admit it, either.

Movie Madness
There are a ton of movies I want to see in 2012 which is unusual because I'm not a huge movie-goer. But three Michael Fassbender movies open on the 20th here in my city (Shame, Haywire, A Dangerous Method) and I want to see them all, plus I should be going to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D for my birthday. There's also The Avengers, Dark Shadows, The Amazing Spider-Man, Welcome to the Punch, and eventually The Hobbit. If I see half of the movies I've listed, that's more than I saw in all of 2011. (Last year, I saw Season of the Witch, Red Riding Hood, XMFC x 5, and Sherlock Holmes 2. What did I say about judging?)

State of the Fic
My muse has fled me a little bit for the moment but I'm trying the "fake it 'til you make it" method of dealing with it. Not being motivated or particularly inspired hasn't stopped me from writing about 17k on what can either be called "Alpha/omega in space" or a XMFC/Andromeda fusion. Both are entirely accurate descriptions.
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Please allow me to take a break from my XMFC fangirling to fangirl over my soap opera for a minute. Because Monday's episode was the best episode ever. Trufax!

If you've followed my rambling about OLTL for the last six months, you'd know my favorite actor playing one of my favorite characters involved in one of my favorite romances ever has returned to the show after 8 long years. On Monday, the original Todd Manning revealed himself to his family and kissed Blair within an inch of her life to prove he's the real Todd.


I fell in love with this couple in 1995; they've been apart since 2002. You guys do not understand how much awesome this is for me.

Here's a video to help you with that:

And it wasn't just the actual kiss, it was the dialogue. When she first sees him, she whispers, "Where have you been?" because she instantly knows that this is the real Todd Manning, this is the man who made her the happiest she's ever been.

"You know me," he tells her.

"I don't know," Blair says and his heart breaks because she's not sure.

And then after Todd kisses her, he has the best FUCKING LINE EVER: I dare you to ever forget me. I dare you.

Holy hell, people, I melted right away. Don't be surprised if that line shows up in one of my fics. BECAUSE IT'S AWESOME. I can only hope this means that I will get a true reconciliation for these two before the show ends. I HOPE AND PRAY TO THE SOAP GODS EVERY NIGHT.

And now back to my regularly scheduled fangirling. ;)


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