Oct. 5th, 2013 11:35 am
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It's that time of year, where I'm basically distracted from everything else by new and returning TV. Here's a rundown of what I've watched:

- Sleepy Hollow
- BlackList
- Person of Interest
- Agents of SHIELD
- Revenge
- Once Upon a Time
- Elementary

Returning TV shows:

REVENGE has started strong after a messy second season; I'm really excited for what's to come. I think OUAT will be served well by the split 11/11 mini-seasons and Neverland so far is weird, cracky fun. Hook! Love him. PERSON OF INTEREST is returning but new-to-me; I really enjoy Shaw as a series regular. Root? Not so much.

ELEMENTARY CONTINUES TO BE AMAZING. By far the better Sherlock adaptation in terms of character arcs, and you're talking to one of the original dissenters of CBS trying to do their own version of Sherlock BBC. But the 22 eps a season allowed for the perfect, slow building of the Joan+Sherlock relationship that was sharply lacking in Sherlock BBC and they've continued that into S2, building on the level of trust and intimacy that came out of event S1 finale events. It's just so great. I hope we see Mrs. Hudson again soon.

New Shows:

SLEEPY HOLLOW IS ALSO AMAZING. Amazing for a lot of reasons, including having a great, well-rounded WOC main character who is terrific. It's amazing because the show has so casually included a bunch of interesting POC characters like it ain't no thang and they've got different personalities and opinions. Abbie is wonderful and so is Crane; they have great chemistry together. Despite the cracky premise, they've really made it work so far. I'm so glad it's already been picked up for a second 13-ep season.

The BLACKLIST has a great hook and continued to work it in the second episode. James Spader is just so wonderful that I'd watch him do just about anything but this show is good. Glad it also got picked up for a full season order already.

AGENTS OF really horrible. It's a hot mess that's so bad that it feels insulting. The acting is subpar, the plots are laughable, the writing is cringe-worthy; people who have the good sense not to argue it's good are still screaming "give it time!" to which I say, "I don't think so." If it were just a horribly written show, I could give it time maybe, but just barely under the surface, it's yet another piece of the MCU-verse that's whitey-white and it indulges in some horrible racist tropes and that's just in the first two episodes. Given the wider implications with the announcement of the new casting for Avengers 2 (so much whitewashing), I am tired of giving MCU a pass on its fucked-up racial shit. Joss Whedon has had ample chances to add people of color to MCU and he has chosen not to EVERY TIME. And that's not acceptable.

Still to come...Arrow (Season 2) and Almost Human (premiere). I'm very excited for both of these!


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